Book-keeping and finance assistance

Small Office Support has extensive experience in many areas of administration, such as:

Invoice generation

Using your accounts system, get your invoices out quickly and efficiently.

Credit control

We contact all those people that owe you money and have forgotten to pay you. Cash is King in a business.  This money is owed to you so it needs to be in your bank account.


You need to know were you are in monetary terms at all times to plan effectively.

The bookkeeping packages that Small Office Support generally use are Sage, Quickbooks and Excel spreadsheets.  We need to work with a system that you are happy with and if that is a simple Excel spreadsheet then that is what we will work with.

You need to know where you are in financial terms so that you can prioritise and plan.

We do have some clients that just drop their receipts off as they pass the door.  We know their deadlines so we organise, input and present it to them completed until the next month.

Don't wait until the end of the year when your accountant is on the phone again asking "Where are your receipts? Your tax return is due !!!!!!!"

We will help you do your bookkeeping throughout the year. In the long run it won't be as expensive as doing it all at the year end. Small Office Support only charges £25.00 an hour for this service compared to £40.00 plus that your accountant will charge you.

Bank reconciliations

Bank reconciliations are performed as part of book keeping services.  This can be done remotely when I am set up on your account as an authorised user. Or we can perform actual transactions at the bank on your behalf.

VAT returns

Using Quickbooks or Excel spreadsheets.



If any of these services are something that you or your business could benefit from these service.

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