Office and Administration Services, what is a Virtual PA?

A Virtual PA offers you as an Executive/Director support remotely.  This reduces your costs as you do not need to rent a large office space, offering you real flexibility. However, if your office is located in South Yorkshire I will attend your office if that is what you prefer. While I work virtually I understand that with some computer systems remote working can't be set up.

As long as the meetings are organised, presentations created/edited, and are sent to you in time for your meeting. Book keeping completed etc., it doesn't matter where I am physically located. It is getting the job done correctly that is important.

As an example, we have collated information from various consultants to produce a concise summary for the two directors. The result was that they only had one email from me with all the information clearly presented instead of 17 emails from all the consultants. This reduced stress and pressure on key people.

These services are widely used in America and the South of England and now companies in South Yorkshire are increasingly seeing the benefits of contracting with a Virtual PA on a regular basis, or for one off projects.  

An example of how it works. We can work for let's say, 4 clients in a week.  We work 2 hours a day for one.  Then 3 half days for another, 2 hours for another and 1 hour a day for the last one.

I know that one hour a day doesn't seem much but things are chased and moved on to the next stage.  If he didn't have me then he would loose a lot of business when he doesn't need to. Nobody else would normally work of such a basis but as a Virtual PA we can. That's how it works. We plan and book our time round our client's needs.

We have all the skills to work "harder and smarter" Let's work differently but more effectively as we want to use my skills and knowledge to help your business grow.

If you think this service will be of benefit to you then please contact us.

Get in touch today to find out how to save

  • Available for one-off projects or long term support
  • Experience with Sage accounts and Payroll, bookkeeping, etc.
  • Efficiency - we're used to different systems
  • Cost effective - we save employers employee tax and NI contributions. You money and hassle
  • Growth - we help your business grow as contacts are followed up.

Other roles undertaken regularly.

  • Book keeping, PAYE, VAT, Credit control.
  • Data Entry, Database Creating/Editing.
  • Typing reports either using audio or type as you talk. 
  • Data Analysis.
  • Diary Management/Travel Arrangements.
  • Mail Merging/Marketing/Promoting.
  • Induction of staff/Updating staff records and other HR roles.
  • Coordinating Production.
  • Setting up your office prcedures which work for you.
  • Minutes at meetings and much more.