Transcription for Business, Students & Professionals


We offer you Audio Transcription/ Typing Services.

You use a Digital Dictaphone and download it to your computer. 

Send us the Wave file/DS2 file via email. The system that I have is Olympus DSS.

You will have already sent us your template document. We will type your document and send it back to you to meet your deadline.

You will only be charged for how many minutes you dictate.

Example 10 minute letter will be typed up on your letterhead that you have already sent me. It will be returned to you.  We charge £2.00 per minute so the fee for this job would be £20.00.

Some examples of audio typing that I have performed are:

  • Post Mortem Reports.
  • Transcribing interviews.
  • Letters.
  • Company specific Reports.

All our work is strictly confidential and we are not offended by some of the language that we hear in our ears. The most important thing is to transcribe the document efficiently and accurately.

transcription services

This service is available for student thesis, legal documents etc but the areas of work that this service can be used is really endless.

If this is a service that you help you present your information in a professional way then please contact Angela



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